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football match with Manchester City

Manchester City 3, Kelamantan 0

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Sunday 27th January.
Catch bus out of town to an area where several of the cottage industries can be seen. These activities usually take place in the cool shady place under the house which is wooden and on stilts. There is sarong weaving, particular specialty is incorporating gold thread, stringing the weft for the intricate patterns is very complicated. I have solved my own weaving problem getting the desired pattern on knotted friendship bands, so I do not need to ask their advice. Adrian and Mikael have come with us. See also batik and kite making. The kites are particularly impressive. Brief siesta on the beach of passionate Love. Adrian is a good laugh and may be in Europe by Christmas, so I give him my number.
Eat a murghibakt for lunch, a huge thick crumpet thing poured and cooked in front of you on a market stall, about 9” across folded in half over a sweet corn filling.
Meet Eddy an American, he is 68 and has decided to travel. He takes things at his own pace, he is well known in Kota Bahru, several locals owe him money and he has been here three months now. This is his way, to stop and stay and get involved locally. He is working in the kitchen of a chinese restaurant at the moment.
Bagus - good. Nasi goreng - rice and veggies plus a bit of what ever is going. Mee goreng - same but noodles. Setu, deo, tigre, 1,2,3. TeO - black tea, sesu - milk.
Five of us go to watch Manchester City play Kelamantan the home team and the town’s large stadium. Huge bats catch their dinner in the floodlights. We buy terrace tickets for 4M$, but are shown to the grandstand where we get front row mid field seats. Some of the Manchester lads are limbering up on the pitch, we let them know they have some supporters with an assortment of whistles from a toyshop. However they seem in a bad mood and are unappreciative, must be missing home cooking, and reply in coarse vernacular. However we remain unrestrained throughout the game. Our vociferous and frequently abusive shouts prove more entertaining to the hordes of small boys in the stand than the game itself. Despite the referee awarding a free kick every time one of the locals falls over (they are notably smaller than the Mancunians) the final score is 3 - 0 to City. From the turn out the army made and the extensive spiked fencing we were anticipating a lively crowd and hoped for some trouble, but although vocal everybody was very well behaved and remained seated throughout, they even stayed seated in the terraces.

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