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the trekking bill

in malaysian dollars in 1985

sunny 30 °C
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Sunday 3rd February.
The bill for our 6 days comes to 30M$ which includes both boat rides, there are a lot of people going out today. Probably spent 10M$ on food, my worries about it proving too expensive were ill founded, but we kept to the very basics, six days of bananas and crackers.
Bus to Jerantut, roti chandia lunch yummy, then a walk out of town with my thumb in the air. Damien and Claude get a lift quickly, they are off to Kuantan, say cheerio and hope to see them in Brisbane, I promise a fondue if they turn up. It takes me over an hour in the hot sun, umbrella up. Creeps pester me for my address, one day I come to your country. Get sunburnt but eventually lift in large new air-conditioned Volvo driven by local GP from Jerantut and his administrator wife going to her confinement in KL. They feed me on buns and mangosteens. They leave me close to the mock arabic splendid colonial railway station in the centre of KL. Short walk to the YMCA, dorm 10M$ a night. Explore china town later, nothing available for less than 14 M$ a double.

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hitch hiking in Malaysia 1985

part 1

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Friday 8th February

After some difficulty got onto the K. L. road. It is mostly flyover and difficult to get up onto. I ended up climbing over dykes and railway lines. Long wait in hot summer sun before 3 young business men gave me a lift part way to Melacca. 
Solid Dutch architecture, painted deep pink . Nearby china town has some particularly fine Chinese terraces,. Walk to bus station in the evening and ride out to Tanjong Kling. Losmen Rasa Sayang

Losmen Rasa Sayang

The sort of place where they have no change for 10 M$. The bus comes anytime and stops anywhere.) A long narrow beach with local fishermen hand casting their nets by lamplight. Check into Losmen Rasa Sayang empty dorm hut for 3 M$. eat well, but a glass of ginger milk proved rather toxic. Showered from bucket in wooden corral on beach. High tide at night licked the stilts of my shack.

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to Sim's guest house Singapore

hitch hike to Singapore

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Saturday 9th February
Old Portuguese church

Old Portuguese church

Bus into town, walk right through Melacca and nearly 1½ hours before lift with chinaman part way to Johore Bahru. Then quickly get another lift with friendly Indian couple. Violent storm floods road badly. They give me dusk time tour of Johore Bahru to the King’s various palaces. Mostly doom laden edifices like German fortresses. The present King is the Sultan of Johore. Left outside bus station, 80M$ into Singapore. Some hassle at immigration with much looking through lists of undesirable names. Walk to Sim’s guesthouse. Very full, get floor of dorm for five M$.

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People's park Yogyakarta

with Lehla and Dave

sunny 29 °C
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Sunday 3rd March 1985.

It was to be an early start with Dave and Lehla for Parangantis (or is it Pharyngitis) for the beach and possibly mushrooms. But the artistic exertions of the week made for a late start. Do a lot of washing in the tiny backyard next to the well. The old woman tut tuts around putting me right several times. My two shirts are bus floor grey with a few indelible stains. My shorts are pretty mucky too. Washing now makes little difference to them. Have a brain wave and will use Andreas' dye baths to brighten them up. So I pop into Andreas' dive and do a bit extra. I have dyed cloth black before when doing the skull. Wax out all background. Bleach and dye to bring out skull. Also wax out hand to dye earth darker.
 Take a trip down to the peoples park in the evening with Dave and Lehla. Decide 1000 rupiahs is a rip off for the warung performance. But must admit it seems reasonable in retrospect. Write many letters.

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