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Thursday 14th February.
Pick up ticket, change last money, pack, eat and set off for the airport. Write several letters at the airport post office. Lose and find keys, great relief. Due to the rain my clothes have not dried properly and will now be sour by the time I reach Jakarta. Have only enough cash for one 24 colour print film. Wide bodied Airbus with air hostesses dressed in silk shot through with gold, beautiful Thai Air. Get two seats to myself, the stewards wear striped blazers. Enjoy cold meat salad with wine, fresh crusty French bread and coffee.
 Travellers information said turn right outside the airport for the buses. Realise this is wrong and so wait 40 minutes for an 89 bus before giving up. Young lady gets me on a 41 to Celitan bus station, from there get bus to Senen district and walk. Check in Wisma Delima’s slightly off colour dorm for 1500 rupiahs. Think I have a cold coming on. Aircraft airconditioning concentrates and disseminates an international selection of rhinoviruses. £1 = 1186 rupiahs.

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People's park Yogyakarta

with Lehla and Dave

sunny 29 °C
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Sunday 3rd March 1985.

It was to be an early start with Dave and Lehla for Parangantis (or is it Pharyngitis) for the beach and possibly mushrooms. But the artistic exertions of the week made for a late start. Do a lot of washing in the tiny backyard next to the well. The old woman tut tuts around putting me right several times. My two shirts are bus floor grey with a few indelible stains. My shorts are pretty mucky too. Washing now makes little difference to them. Have a brain wave and will use Andreas' dye baths to brighten them up. So I pop into Andreas' dive and do a bit extra. I have dyed cloth black before when doing the skull. Wax out all background. Bleach and dye to bring out skull. Also wax out hand to dye earth darker.
 Take a trip down to the peoples park in the evening with Dave and Lehla. Decide 1000 rupiahs is a rip off for the warung performance. But must admit it seems reasonable in retrospect. Write many letters.

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